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AVO Domaine 50

An AVO Domaine 50 – wow, how long have I been waiting to have one of these!  I have only heard great things about this stick and finally getting to have one was great.


Just placing your lips on the Domaine was very pleasant.  You could tell right away the taste was going to be very good.  Domaine 50 construction was flawless – an old school perfecto shape and the smell of the wrapper and butt were amazing.


The AVO Domaine 50 is a medium-bodied mild cigar, but nicely complex with flavors of creamy, sweet cedar and a hint of spice and oil.  Essentially, it is just enough of what you want and none of what you dislike about other smokes.  This was a great smoke; it had a nice body, an amazing draw and wonderful taste.  It burns effortlessly and unloaded quite well.  All in all, smoking an AVO Domaine 50 is a great experience.


Birth Place: Dominican Republic.

Wrapper: Ecuador.

Binder: Dominican Republic.

Filler: Dominican Republic.

Size: 5.9 x 54.

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