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Diamond Crown Maximus Toro No.4 Video Review.


Very rare and often difficult to find, the Diamond Crown Maximus is a full-bodied blend made by JC Newman following the success of the original Diamond Crown line.

Before starting to smoke this cigar, I took a good look at the construction and appearance.  The cap felt good and the wrapper had a few noticeable veins and an earthy, slightly sweet aroma.  The body was very consistent from foot to head.

Once I lit up the cigar, I noticed plenty of pepper and spice through the first quarter of the smoke.  Then, as I moved deeper into the cigar, it mellowed out to more of a medium body.  There was flavorful aroma with hints of oak, wood and light leather towards the head.  The nice white smoke stayed pretty steady throughout.  As I got down closer to the head of the cigar, the taste changed again; this time, to a slightly lighter character.  The medium body taste never really came back but finishing the cigar was still enjoyable.  My only issue with the Toro No. 5 is that there was one vein that wouldn’t burn at all – in fact, it held on for dear life until the very end.  Once the ribbon was removed, it started to burn a little hot for me and then the burn became uneven, which didn’t help at all.  There was drying on one side of the cigar, which probably created the burn issue I experienced.  Overall, it was a decent cigar that I will probably try again; hopefully, I will get a better burn.

Myron Gooch Sr.

Birth Place: Dominican Republic.

Wrapper: Ecuador.

Binder: Dominican Republic.

Filler: Dominican Republic.

Size: 6 x 50.

Rated: 88

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  1. You know, I tried this stick a while back and although I did have the same experience you had, I am compelled to try it again…thanks for posting.


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