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Introducing Comador Cigar by Cohiba Cigars & Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter


Introducing Comador Cigar, a premium cigar two years in-the-making from Cohiba and Shawn “Jay Z” Carter.


Comador is a super-premium cigar handcrafted in Dominican Republic.  Created by the master blenders of Cohiba who spent two years developing this upper-premium cigar with proprietary tobaccos from the world’s most revered growing regions. Handrafted in Santiago, Dominican Republic, Comador is adorned with a rare Connecticut Havana wrapper prized for its exquisite flavor and deep, lustrous appearance.

When blended with hand-selected leaves from the Caribbean and Central America, the flavor is best described as sublime.   From the first light to the last draw, nuance of wood mingle with notes of spice for an unforgettable smoking experience that can only be had with Comador.  The world’s finest tobaccos, Comador is a testament to the enduring art of cigar making, and a reward that promises indulgence and enjoyment.

Comador is born of the same passion that guided the Taino Indians who were among the first to smoke cured tobacco leaves they called “cojiba”

True to tradition, the experience that is Comador begins with heirloom tobacco seeds indigenous to Cuba.  Brought to New England and acclimatized in the 1700s, these seeds yield Connecticut Havana, arguably the most rare and most expensive tobacco variety in the world.  Through rigorous selection and breeding, the seed has been refined for nearly 20 years by Cohiba’s team of agronomists.  This exceptional is now available for the very first time, exclusively in Comador.


Comador is cultivated on a private 25 acre plot of land surrounded by the Farmington River in Connecticut.  The river overflows several times a year, depositing additional nutrients to the soil.  This creates a unique growing environment for the tobacco.

Upon maturation, individual leaves are handpicked by skilled farmers who take great care in handling the tobacco to preserve its unique attributes. Even with the attention given to this special crop, only a small percentage of the leaves will be selected for Comador.

Once harvested, the tobacco begins a journey that will bring each leaf into the hands of more than 100 artisans.


The tobacco is then hung inside special barns that allow optimal amounts of air and sunlight to enter, in a process called “curing”.  Our experts monitor the tobacco closely as it cures, for the flavor of Comador begins to take shape here.  Unlike other tobaccos, the leaves selected for Comador are cured slowly and naturally over a longer period of time.  While this is a much complex and labor intensive process, it delivers a refined tasted and exceptional color that cannot be achieved through conventional curing methods.


The Cured Connecticut Havana leaves are transported to the Dominican Republic.  There, all of the tobaccos that comprise Comador’s exquisite blend undergo a proprietary aging process lasting four years, including a final year of finishing in Dominican rum barrels.  No other cigar company in the world uses barrel aging to enhance the flavor and aroma of its tobacco.  Thus, the taste of Comador cannot be replicated.


Tru to the Cohiba tradition of excellence, Comador is meticulously handcrafted by an elite group of master cigar makers chosen for their expertise.  Each cigar is handcrafted by a “bonchero” and a “rolero” who work together in perfect harmony.  There is a rhythm to their work, as the artisans are dependent upon one another to ensure that the cigars they make are flawless, thus meeting the stringent quality standards established for Comadar.


To ensure perfection, nothing is left to chance.  From the tiny seeding in the field until well after the crowning elements of the Comador brand are hand-applied, rigorous tests for quality are conducted at every step of the process.


The story of Comador is perhaps best told by the artisans whose pride is ever-present, and whose commitment to the time-honored art of cigar making is unwavering.




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