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Project 805 by Ventura Cigar Co. – Video Review Article


First, some talk on the Ventura Cigar Company. This is the Disruption ANDULLO, the exclusive tobacco in Project805, bound in a balanced blend of the finest Dominican leaves for an incredibly aromatic and complex smoke. Hand-finished boxes, each one unique, are manufactured by a network of underground craftsmen. You are part of the disruption, the first wave of underground trendsetters prepared to experience Project805’s secret ingredient, ANDULLO. What is Andullo? Andullo is a unique tobacco never before used in cigars. Naturally flavored, aromatic, and so utterly different it is a disruption to the cigar industry. It is expertly blended and hand-rolled at La Aurora under the supervision of the Ventura Cigar Company.
In taking an initial look, it is a nice smooth seamless wrapper with a creamy-brown color. It has an incredibly smooth draw and a very nice burn. It gave a long, medium-gray ash and was well balanced on the palate. This cigar is complex with very nice aromas and a great construction.
Once into the cigar, I noticed an earthy, pleasant taste from the smoke at the foot. Flavors became more refined as it burned through the body. By the end, I had enjoyed a medium-bodied cigar with a long and full-flavored finish. This is a must-have cigar – a smoke that you can enjoy all day long.
Myron Gooch Sr.

Wrapper: Corojo Shade.
Binder: Dominican Republic Olor.
Filler: Dominican Republic Blend + Andullo.
Size: 5.00” x 50.
Price: Crush & Roll West.
Smoke Time: 90 minutes.
Rating: 91

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