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R. Paxtian Privilegio’s Special line Cigar


Located in the Valley of San Andres Tuxtla with its rich climate and soil, the R. Paxtian Cigar Factory, influenced by their experience and knowledge in the cultivation of tobacco, offers a selection of great cigars made with some of the finest tobaccos available. They have over a century of experience in the business, dating back to its founding by Don Juan Rodriguez López in 1910.



Like a fine Mexican puro, the Privilegio cigar has an evenly colored wrapper with a full and rich pre-light smell. The cigar produced a strong aroma right away and delivered thick smoke at the foot.


You will taste some sweetness and creaminess on your palette, as this cigar has a very smooth draw. The overall construction was solid and it delivered a slow and even burn. As you make your way through, you’ll get hints of an earthy, toasty taste, rounding out with a smooth texture and clean finish.


The Privilegio is a very well made cigar – a flavorful, medium body that is balanced throughout with a unique taste. Overall, it is a pleasant and easy smoke.

 Myron Gooch Sr.

Time Smoked: 1 Hour 50 Minutes.

Cost: Gift

Wrapper: San Andres.

Binder: San Andres.

Filler: San Andres.

Size: 6 x 60.

Rating: 89

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