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Caña Rum Bar “Ultimate Rum Bar In Los Angeles”


Exclusive entry, 140 plus Rums (rum, rum, rum, oh my!), cigars, and a live DJ are just some of the features the Cana Rum Bar in downtown Los Angeles has to offer. Being just a few feet from LA Live, this hidden gem lived up to all its expectations. From the courteous staff to the smooth taste of Zafra rum that just rolls down your throat. I’m talking grown folk status.

20140403_232617 20140403_213345

Cana Rum Bar is a member’s only bar specializing in….well, Rum. Membership is open to all and for a mere $20 a year you can experience all that the bar has to offer including monthly rum tastings and spirit education. Free liquor…free liquor…free liquor! Oops I got caught up for a second, but that alone is worth the $20 that you would spend frivolously on something unimportant.

 20140403_213329 20140403_213320

20140403_213253 20140403_225241

Free liquor isn’t the only thing to boast about though. Cana Rum bar comes equipped with a covered outdoor patio as well. You can take a load off and chill with friends (or make new ones), listen to the crackle of the fireplace, and let your senses go into overdrive taking in the aroma of tantalizing cigars. If you want to relax, release, and rewind all the drudgery of the day then this is the place for you. The bar is dimly lit; very spacious so no claustrophobia going on here; and on certain days has a live DJ spinning on the 1’s and 2’s playing a variety of top hits.

20140403_213227 20140403_213220

20140403_213510 20140403_213555


Basically, there is something for everyone at this bar. But don’t take my word for it. On Friday’s during La Hora de Oro from 6 – 8pm, membership is on the house just for helping them get the weekend started. Can you say PARTAY!!

Cana Rum Bar is located at 714 West Olympic Blvd., LA 90014 and open 6 days a week.

By Kenya McDonald

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