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Zino Platinum Cigar Z-Classic Series “Triggered A Veritable Movement”


In 2003, the Oettinger Davidoff Group conquered a new sector of the public in the USA thanks to its trendy “Zino Platinum” formula. Inspired by trendsetters from the dynamic East Coast rap and hip-hop scene, a young, sophisticated generation in the New World discovered the joys of smoking cigars. The successful “Crown” and “Scepter” Series are since then available in Europe. The sophisticated generation with links to the hip-hop and East Coast rap culture are fervent adepts of these novel formats with their innovative packaging, and have triggered a veritable movement towards overtly indulging in a cigar.

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Z-Class Series was built on the concept of the modern jetsetter and being inspired by motion. Made to accompany a fast-paced affluent lifestyle, Z-Class embodies ambition and opulence and near perfection.

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This cigar has an oily brown wrapper with sweet aromatic notes on the pre-light draw.  The actual draw is very smooth with lots of dense white smoke and a creamy aroma.  The Z-class has great construction with a slow burn, delivering a full medium character right at the very beginning.  Then the cigar began to get a little spicy, with rich and creamy smoke developing along with complex cedar flavors.


Overall, the Z-Class is a nice medium body cigar that is well balanced with upfront flavors and characters.  Its great construction and slow, even burn make it loaded with great flavors that you will fully enjoy.

Myron Gooch Sr.

 Time Smoked: 1 Hour and 25 Minutes.

Cost: $8.00

 Wrapper: Dominican Republic.

Binder: Peru.

Filler: Nicaragua / Dominican Republic.

Size: 5 5/8’ x 43.

Rating: 90


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