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Sentido Galerones Series By Kristoff Cigars “

Established in 2004 by Glen Case, Kristoff Cigars is one of the fastest growing boutique manufacturers in the cigar industry.  They have assembled some of the finest master blenders with generations of Cuban cigar making experience to derive the exquisite taste of their cigars.  At Kristoff, they use only the highest quality double and triple fermented premium tobaccos from around the world.  They are then artfully blended so as to satisfy the palate of the most discriminating cigar aficionado.

20140811_192221 20140811_193845

The cigar is called Sentido, Spanish for “Senses.”  It has an oily brown wrapper that is smooth to the touch, although there was a noticeable veiny appearance along the body.  Its appealing pre-light smell of spices and sweet notes lasted from the head to the foot.

20140811_200147 20140811_200247

 Sentindo had an incredibly smooth draw with only a slight resistance that delivered full flavored smoke right away.  The cigar provided a huge aroma that filled the room with rich tobacco notes and plenty of spiciness.  It leaves a very smooth and creamy texture on the palate with more spice lingering on the finish.  Sentido created a delicious aroma early and throughout and should deliver up to a 3 inch ash.  The cigar’s flavors continued to develop as the body became more distinguishable.

20140811_204357 20140811_204311

 Overall, Sentindo is a well-balanced cigar with sweet undertones and an overall light and earthy tobacco character.  It has a slow, even burn and will deliver delicious flavor throughout the smoke.

 Myron Gooch Sr.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 30 minutes

Cost: $10.50

Wrapper: Brazilian Cuban Seed.

Binder: Nicaraguan.

Filler: Nicaragua.

Size: 5’ x 52.

Rating: 92


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