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Charlie Toraño talks about General Cigar Company.


It gives me great pleasure to tell you that General Cigar Company has acquired the Toraño Family Cigar Company brand portfolio.

There has been a long history of partnership between our two companies, dating back to the days when my family was growing tobacco in Cuba and selling the leaf to General Cigars.  When my grandfather, Carlos Toraño Sr., fled Cuba after the revolution, he went to work with General Cigar in Connecticut.  From Connecticut, he went to the Dominican Republic where he also grew tobacco for several cigar factories, including General Cigar.   As General Cigar has been a part of the Toraño Family Cigar Company history for more than 50 years, there is no other company in the world that I would have chosen and entrusted to take over my family’s brands.

The acquisition will provide me with more time to be with my family while still enjoying the pleasures of the cigar business. I will work with General Cigar to transition the brands to them. They are committed to learning the portfolio and maintaining the integrity of the cigars you have come to know and love. You can be sure that the blends will not change, the factories that make these incredible cigars will not change, and there are no plans to discontinue any of our cigars.

What you can expect from General Cigar is even more excitement surrounding the Toraño brands.  Given their resources and marketing muscle, you will see great support of our core brands and can look forward to their bringing some of my and my family’s innovations to light in a big way.

This is a very exciting time for the Toraño brands and for my family and me. We are looking forward to watching our brands prosper under General Cigar and look forward to having you along for the ride.

Thank you for your support of the Toraño Family Cigar Brands and, until we meet again, Make Time to Burn!

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