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Edgar Hoill OSOK Cigar.


Famous photojournalist Edgar Hoill has opened up the vault to nearly a decade worth of his work and created both his own clothing brand (O.S.O.K.), as well as his own cigar line. For those familiar with his sell-out galleries and international presence, his pieces have adorned the walls of galleries, Hollywood A-listers and everyday people.


O.S.O.K. stands for “One Shot One Kill,” and represents his ability to never miss a shot with his camera – just like a sniper. He is famous for his ability to convey powerful messages through his urban photography – scenes that may otherwise be construed as horrific or notorious reveal their true beauty through his craftsmanship.

Hoill has returned to the cigar business in the form of EH Cigars, a new company in association with Christian Eiroa. Available in three unique vitolas, EH Cigars’ debut line is a complex and full-bodied Nicaraguan puro.


It has a dark and oily brown-wrapper, with a slight rough appearance and a deep pre-light aroma. The foot has a very nice smell of earthiness. It is fairly firm in the hand and has a nice shaggy foot. It goes without saying that Edgar Hoill has some of the best looking cigars you will find.

You will pick up some earth and wood notes, and definitely some spice in the nose. Lots of smoke provide for a medium flavor. The construction was very good, burning even with an effortless draw.


 It is a medium-full flavored smoke with a lingering taste of light spiciness. It remained consistent through the body and never let up. There was an incredible amount of deep tones that mellowed out to some creamy texture on the palate.  After losing a long ash, the profile shifted. The strength increased while the flavors settled a notch. The burn required a quick touch up but the aroma continued strong. You will find creaminess and some continued complex characteristics toward the finish.


The O.S.O.K. has great construction that provided for a slow burn with a dark gray ash. It produced a great aroma and its consistency in both flavor and body make it an excellent near full-bodied smoke.

 Myron Gooch Sr.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 35 minutes.

Cost: $9.95

Wrapper: Nicaraguan.

Binder: Nicaraguan.

Filler: Nicaraguan.

Size: 5 1/2” x 48.

Rating: 91

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