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Loose Cannon “Trigger Happy” Cigars created by Mike Chiusano

Mike Chiusano worked for Davidoff Cigars. When he left, he knew he had a passion for the cigar world so he formed C&C Cigars. In his past he has always worked with blends to deliver the finest cigars. As a result, he chose to deliver two new releases for his debut to the cigar industry: the Loose Cannon Trigger Happy and the 1206 series.


Along with the help of his brother and co-founder Joe Chiusano, Mike focused on making an affordable cigar with a great profile. He wanted a line that would represent the evolution of taste, pushing the power envelope without overpowering the palate. Loose Cannon delivers on that goal.



The Loose Cannon has a dark, oily and leathery looking wrapper that has a sweet and floral pre-light smell. You will notice its silky smoothness and some noticeable tooth. Its rich profile was detectable right away.

Journey Profile:


There was some resistance to the draw, but lots of smoke still came through to the palate. There are rich, underlying sweet tones in the aroma once lit and the creamy texture has spices that develop nicely through the nose.  Its mild body built slowly to a full medium body with great balance.  The tight draw still gave way to plenty of smoke and was overall very smooth.  There was consistent sweetness delivered to the palate with small amounts of woody, cedar notes that developed later into the cigar.


 The smoke from this cigar is very rich in its aroma. As the cigar grew more complex, you will find the continued creamy texture but with a bit of pepper and spice on the finish.  The aroma and flavors develop and intensify, delivering multiple rich and full characters.

 Final Thoughts:


The Loose Cannon cigar has a very rich character overall. Its construction is outstanding, and delivers a slow, even burn that produces a long and dense gray ash.  It is a medium body with great flavor and a rich aroma – extremely well rounded.

Myron Gooch Sr.

Time Smoked: 1 hour minutes.

Cost: $5.75

Wrapper: Dominican Habano.

Binder: Dominican Habano.

Filler: Dominican Ligero & Viso Sweet, Fuller & Aromatic.

Size: 5” x 50.

Rating: 90

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