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The Cuban Tradition Cigar Group press release “Counsellor Cigars”

Press Release - Counsellor

Miami, Fl: The Cuban Tradtion Cigar Group is pleased to announce the return of Counsellor Cigars as
part of the Cuban Tradition Cigar Group portfolio. Counsellor Cigars has been a long established U.S.
Cigar maker whose roots go back to 1894. T.L. Johnson Companies, LLC has registered the
Counsellor Cigar brand trademark in the U.S. and the Dominican Republic. Production of all
Counsellor Cigars will be handcrafted in Dominican Republic at Tabacalera LTC under the supervision
of Luis Sanchez and Terry Johnson utilizing tobaccos from their Dominican farming operations.
Sanchez and Johnson have plans to produce cigars in sizes from the original Counsellor Cigar
Company, along with vintage designed packaging from their new venture, The Tobacco Franchise, a
packaging design company based in Miami, Fl. Initial Counsellor Cigars will be small cigarillo style
cigars that are all handmade as well as a new maduro cigar celebrating the re-introduction of the
Counsellor brand. Marketing of Counsellor Cigars and other joint venture brands between Sanchez
and Johnson will come under the new Great Cigar Brands Group and distributed by T.L. Johnson
Distributors, LLC . Counsellor Cigars will debut early 2015. Dealer inquiries can contact T.L. Johnson
Distributors at 970-371-0211 for more information.

Press Relea1se - Counsellor

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