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Padron Family Cigars 50th Anniversary Release Party “Davidoff Shop Madison Ave NY”


I was lucky enough to attend the Padron Family 50th Anniversary Release Party at the Davidoff Cigar Shop on Madison Avenue in New York City.

This was a milestone moment for the Padron family, a moment for Jose Orlando Padron and Jorge Padron to honor their long-standing heritage of making fine cigars.  There will be two cigars released, so stay on the lookout…if you have never smoked one, what are you waiting for?!


20141030_192330_wm 20141030_192525_wm

20141030_192648_wm 20141030_192552_wm 20141030_192525_wm 20141030_191843_wm

20141030_192701_wm 20141030_192826_wm

20141031_115412_wm 20141030_192325_wm

Davidoff Shope 515 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022 (212) 751-9060

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