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California Mega 14 Herf Rooftop Party at Madame Tussauds Hollywood

California Mega Herf Rooftop Party at Madame Tussauds Hollywood 2014


 An event with Jonathan Drew was hosted in Los Angeles, CA at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum on September 27, 2014, benefiting Drew Estate Charities.

Cali Mega Herf celebrates Operation Cigars for Warriors and Drew Estate Charities.  Brands like Drew Estate Cigars, Wilson Adams Cigars, Cubanacan Cigars, Kuuts Cigars, Edgar Hoill Cigars, RoMa Craft Cigars (to name a few) were part of the 24 amazing cigar brands who helped support and celebrate.


20140927_210453_wm 20140927_211000_wm

20140927_211010_wm 20140927_212755_wm

20140927_212850_wm 20140927_213717_wm

20140927_211551_wm 20140927_211838_wm




20140927_220102_wm 20140927_220322_wm

20140927_222012_wm 20140927_222415_wm

20140927_222938_wm 20140927_224602_wm

20140928_000313_wm 20140927_223000_wm


20140927_232737_wm 20140927_235520(2)_wm

20140927_235543_wm 20140928_001701_wm

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