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Arandoza Red Cigar “Outstanding Construction”


Brand History:

Arandoza Cigars is a family owned and operated company.  They were founded based on the belief that by applying their knowledge of tobacco and passion for cigars, they would create a product to honor the tradition of the cigar industry.

Although fairly new to the cigar industry, Arandoza Cigars have quickly earned great recognition amongst the cigar industry.  Their line is hand crafted in Estelí, Nicaragua at “La Zona Factory.”  They recently launched a new creation – a well-balanced, full-body smoke, directly from Estelí, Nicaragua with its binder and filler from Nicaragua, viso from Jalapa and its wrapper in a Dark Habano.  Its presentation is as exquisite as its flavor, as the cigars are nestled inside a white box branded with the Arandoza label and lined in black felt.


The Arandoza has a gorgeous dark brown and noticeably toothy wrapper.  It is rich and oily with an interesting earthy pre-light smell.  Smelling the wrapper, you will find a bit of both sweetness and spice.  Once the cap is cut, a dry draw was completed with more sweetness.


Cigar Profile:

Once lit, the draw is perfect with no restrictions.  As it continued burning, I noticed some very nice spice and earthiness.  This cigar begins with a really good upfront and forward profile.  The smoke produced is top notch – it is white, dense and creamy.  As the smoke progresses, you will get a great mix of flavors on the palate, including rich sweet tobacco.  Once you reach mid-body, the Arandoza Red mellows out but still maintains its initial upfront profile and there was a razor sharp burn that resembled a fine Cuban cigar.  The aroma and flavors continued nice, slow and clean to the end.

20140930_172610_wm 20140930_181034_wm

Final Thoughts:

Arandoza Red has an outstanding construction, a very smooth draw, and a slow burn that produces solid dark gray ash.  This cigar gave a unique and flavorful profile with great spice and earthy notes.  It was consistent from start to finish.  This well-rounded, medium body cigar has a flavorful finish and is a must try.



I enjoyed the Arandoza while also sipping on a glass of Wild Horse Merlot.  The Wild Horse Merlot has a dry, medium-bodied robustness.  Its fruit bouquet aroma is evident along with flavors of berries and cocoa.  This is one pairing that I would strongly recommend.


 Myron Gooch Sr.

 Time Smoked: 2 hour 10 minutes.

Cost: $8.00

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres.

Binder: Nicaragua.

Filler: Nicaragua Triple Ligero.

Size: 6 x 52.

Rating: 91

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