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NUB Cameroon Cigar Review by Oliva Cigars


For several years, cigar aficionados all over the world have enjoyed the innovations of Studio Tobac.  By defining a completely new segment of cigars, Studio Tobac is changing the way we enjoy fine cigars.  In 2011, the Studio’s Executive Board approved the creation of an advisory board as well as general membership.  The Studio’s previously secretive projects will be given greater exposure, and member input will be welcomed.  NUB cigars are produced with the consumer in mind. While striving to achieve excellence and nothing less, the cigar is sure to be loved by all types of smokers.


The nice short size is ideal for around an hour of smoke time.  It has a nice cedar pre-light flavor to go along with its appearance.  It is silky smooth to the touch with a seamless wrapper and a hint of earthiness and cedar notes.  The construction is great – despite its soft appearance it is very firm to the touch.


 Journey Profile:

1st & 2nd quarter: The start of this cigar has sweet flavors right from the start.  There is full flavor right up front and a big aroma.  I was met with very little resistance on the draw, and the cigar maintained a very even burn that held onto a long ash (it was half the length of the NUB 4 x 60).  The last half of the cigar delivers more sweetness and is followed by the mild earthiness of cedar notes.  There was a consistent and flawless burn all the way to the NUB!


Final Thoughts:

The NUB Cameroon is an overall smooth and flavorful cigar that has a nice spicy and sweet flavor.  It is an easy and fun to smoke medium bodied cigar that is full of great flavor and nicely balanced.  Overall, the NUB Cameroon is a very well made cigar.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: Bo’s Cigar Lounge Bellflower, CA

Time Smoked: 1 hour 10 Minutes.

Cost: $6.70

Wrapper: Cameroon.

Binder: Nicaraguan.

Filler: Nicaragua.

Size: 4” x 60.

Rating: 90

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