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Wilson Adams Cigars Habano No.3 by Brandon K. Wilson “Enjoy the Experience”


Brand History

Wilson Adams Cigars was co-founded by Brandon K. Wilson and Stephen Miller.  The two Southern California natives both had a passion for cigars so it was only natural for them to start their own cigar company.   Their company was born out of a desire to create a cigar for smokers who yearn for balance, richness and complexity.

In 2011, the duo traveled to Estelí to visit the Plasencia family and, from that trip, a lasting partnership was formed.  Wilson and Miller chose Plasencia due to their vast storehouses of tobacco from almost every growing region in the world – the family owns farms peppered across Central America, from the island of Ometepe to the gorgeous fields of Honduras.  After numerous trips to Nicaragua and after over forty blend iterations, the White Label (Habano) was born and launched in 2012.  The White Label is an immediately classic tasting, medium-bodied smoke that provides a unique profile of spices, nuts, cedar, dried fruits and light florals to pair with the foundational earthy core.  A year later, they followed with the Red Label, sure to please the fuller-bodied crowd.

Brandon K. Wilson Bio:


A native of Southern California, Brandon K. Wilson started off in the golf industry, working in sales and eventually finishing as a Director.  After his first trip to Nicaragua, he knew his career path was going to change and that he was destined to do something major in the cigar world.  In describing his passion for cigars, Brandon shares the following: “When blending cigars, my main focus is on flavor; not so much on strength.  I enjoy a cigar that is smooth, rich and full of complexities with loads of flavor that you can really enjoy anytime of the day.”


 This cigar has a hearty, leathery looking wrapper with a reddish brown color.  It has an earthy sweet aroma with a small amount of cocoa on the pre-light.  It is light in the hand but firm to the touch.  It is evenly colored from the cap to the foot with a faint smell of spice.


 Journey Profile:

 1st quarter: A very smooth and effortless draw allowed a lot of smoke through to the palate.  There was a full, luring and very flavorful aroma from the start in the air.  You will find some spice in the nose along with some sweetness of cedar.  2nd quarter: The ash was dark and still intact into this portion of the cigar and shortly fell off.  There is a consistent creamy texture to the smoke and the flavor increased in its spicy notes.  Its good construction provided a slow burn with a rich aroma.  3rd quarter: The body slowly built to full flavors and aroma was at its best.  The Wilson Adams Habano No.3 is one tasty treat.  The even burn continued and held onto a solid, dark gray ash.  The cigar delivered a great combination of smooth balance and very rich flavors.  4th quarter: The flavors continuously developed with sweet earthy and floral tones.  A well balanced texture developed along with a good earthy aroma on the finish.  The Habano began to clearly show its strength in the final portion of the smoke.  This full flavored cigar will leave a lasting rich tobacco flavor on your palate.


Final Thoughts:

 The aroma and flavors of the Wilson Adams Habano No. 3 develop and intensify throughout the smoke, delivering a very rich and wonderfully full character.  It is an overall medium body with great aroma and mouth-watering characteristics.  Habano No. 3 has great construction, shown through its even burn that held a dense ash.  It is a very flavorful cigar with a wonderful aroma…truly effortless to enjoy.


Myron Gooch Sr. 

Reviewed at: Casa Belicoso Cigar Lounge Walnut Creek, CA.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Cost: $10.50

 Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano.

Binder: Nicaragua.

Filler: Nicaraguan.

Size: 5.87” x 46.

Rating: 90

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