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El Aljibe Restaurant Havana Miramar, Cuba


El Aljibe is the spot where the rich and famous wine and dine – people like Jimmy Carter, Jack Nicholson and Danny Glover just to name a few. Everyone is drawn to this restaurant to enjoy the famous all you can eat chicken dinner for $14.00 (yes, I did say all you can eat)!

The ambiance is very hip and casual, with an open patio style that lets you enjoy fine wine or Havana Club rum with a nice Cuban cigar to close out your day in Havana. As soon as you walk in, there is no denying that you are in an authentic Cuban restaurant. I bet if you close your eyes and click your heels three times, you might even hear the original Buena Vista Social Club sessions made at Havana’s Egrem Studios in 1996.

No visit to El Aljibe is complete without a taste of their signature drink – the Mojito. This drink was made for lovers and perfected by gourmets. It is served all times of the day or night, so you have no excuse not to enjoy. This restaurant is a must visit in Havana and highly recommended

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El Aljibe Restaurant

Calle 24 at 7th
Havana Miramar
Tel: +53 7 2041583

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