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Shamlux Cigar Lounge Granda Hills, CA “The Luxury of Giving”


On June 12, 2008 Irish Mike was involved in a horrific high-speed boat accident.  His head was detached from his spine, his neck was broken, his lung was punctured and his left arm was completely detached from his body.  Also. his entire face, jaw and lower left leg were shattered.  The doctors said he would not live.  In fat, he died four times.  But he has defied the odds and survived – so far.

Du to his faith, praying and being lucky, Mike is home and getting better every day.  He is walking and up to some of his old shenanigans.  He considers himself fortunate to have survived and able to afford good medical care.

His wishes are coming true, so Mike wanted to help other people in need realize their dreams, too.  When he started the Shamrock Wishing Well, Mike said, “Blind, Crippled or crazy, from eight to eighty, we make wishes come true!”  100% of ALL of our profits go to disadvantaged, disabled or otherwise needy individuals.


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Shamlux Cigar Lounge

17529 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills, CA 91344

Air Conditioning:  Yes

Alcohol Beverages: No Bar

Cigar Prices: $

Environment: Indoor

Membership Required: No

Separate Restrooms: Yes

Wi-Fi: Yes

Recommended: Yes



Range = $ to $$$

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