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News: Le Hoyo De San Juan of Hoyo De Monterrey.

Le Hoyo De San Juan of Hoyo De Monterrey

    • Le Hoyo de San Juan is the new heavy ring gauge vitola for a historic line that is reinventing itself and expanding the Serie Le Hoyo.
    • It incorporates in its blend Seco and Ligero leaves coming from San Juan y Martínez, the historic denomination of origin where the brand was born in 1865.


 Hoyo de Monterrey owes its origins to the plantation of the same name located in San Juan y Martínez* (D.O.P), in the heart of the Vuelta Abajo* (D.O.P) zone.  All the Hoyo de Monterrey vitolas  are made Totalmente a Mano con tripa larga-Totally handmade with long filler made by expert Cuban rollers.

 Le Hoyo de San Juan (54 ring gauge x 150mm length) is a new and heavy ring gauge vitola allowing Hoyo de Monterrey aficionados to enjoy an extended range of heavy ring gauges sizes, which were quite limited in the brand until now.


The Seco and Ligero leaves that make up the Le Hoyo de San Juan blend with its light flavor come from San Juan y Martínez *(D.O.P) while bringing to this new vitola the unique consistency and intensity that San Juan y Martínez soil confers on the leaves thar are grown there.

 Le Hoyo Series which was traditionally known for its slender and medium ring gauges. The new Le Hoyo de San Juan vitola in a heavy ring gauge medium length size is characterized by its light flavor. It is an attractive option for those who like a lighter Habano that is delicate and aromatic, as well as exceedingly elegant and complex.


Le Hoyo de San Juan will initially be available in the brand’s classic Cabinet Selection or Slide Lid Box (SLB) of 25 and 10 units.

 The boxes also include innovations in the brand’s image. A new adhesive papeleta -rectangular seal- on the short side of the box and also the white ribbon that adorns the boxes of 25 units that will help to identify this new Hoyo de Monterrey vitola.

 Le Hoyo de San Juan with its new red colour band at the botton and heightens the image of the brand will be available in the different points of sale around the world in the next weeks.


Brand: Hoyo de Monterrey
Commercial name: Le Hoyo de San Juan
Factory name: Geniales
Dimensions: 54 ring gauge (21.43 mm) x 150 mm in length
Presentations: Cabinet Selection (SLB) of 25 units
Cabinet Selection (SLB) of 10 units

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