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Fratello Corona Cigar Review “Experience Fratello”

Cover Shot

Brand History:

Omar de Frias, creator of Fratello, remembers how he was first introduced to the world of cigars. Don Rafael, manager of a small retail store next to his home in the Dominican Republic, brought him in to watch a torcedor (cigar roller) perform his art. Upon finishing, the torcedor handed the cigar to Omar and said “Kid, welcome to the true gentleman’s club.” In Italian, the word “Fratello” represents camaraderie, family and friendship…in his eyes, the true nature of the cigar industry. As a result, their primary focus is on five core qualities: uniqueness, flavor, balance, aroma and complexity.


The cigar wrapper is a roasted almond color with some oils and an earthy pre-light smell on the foot. The wrapper is also smooth to the touch with a slightly sweet and earthy smell.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: Excellent flavor from the first puff! It has a very smooth draw and there was plenty of creamy texture to the smoke. The draw was effortless with cedar notes through the nose.   2nd quarter: Its aroma was very rich, with earthiness and some spicy notes cutting through. The burn was mostly even and produced a nice white ash.   3rd quarter: Large, thick clouds of smoke appeared along with some sweetness on the palate. There was spice in the nose with more earthy and cedar notes.   4th quarter: In this last portion, the cigar grew to be nicely bold with solid characters. The burn remained nice and slow with full-body flavors on the finish. It was a well-rounded and balanced smoking experience that ends on a high note for the palate.


Final Thoughts:

The Fratello Corona cigar offers a big, rich aroma and great flavor to back it up. It is fairly complex; balancing both spice and earthiness as it gradually builds into a medium and eventually full flavored profile. Fratello has excellent construction with an even burn – a must try cigar!


 Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: Man Cave

Time Smoked: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Cost: $9.50

 Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano.

Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatra.

Filler: Nicaraguan and Peruvian.

Size: 5 ½’x 46.

Rating: 90


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