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AVO Uvezian Maduro Robusto Cigar Review “Savor every Note”


Brand History:

The Avo cigar brand became available in 1988 and was founded by musician and composer Avo Uvezian. After music, Avo Uvezian’s next great passion is cigars. His love for cigars resulted in him developing his own unique blend with legendary cigar manufacturer Hendrik Kelner, who is based in the Dominican Republic and who also produces the renowned Davidoff brand.

In 1995, Davidoff bought the Avo brand from Avo Uvezian and now Avo concentrates on the promotional aspect of the brand. Avo cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic and are manufactured in the same factory that produces Davidoff cigars.

Avo Cigars are made from the finest ingredients for complete pleasure. These smokes are made from selected tobaccos, kept in store until they are fully mature and contain a large proportion of a specially fermented, matured Piloto Cubano tobacco from the Dominican Republic. The binder leaf is best Olor tobacco from the Villa Gonzalez region, and a Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf provides the perfect finishing touch to the Avo cigars.


This cigar had a rich, dark brown and oily wrapper. The pre-light smell was heavy with sweet, earthy notes. It has a very aromatic and sweet-smelling wrapper.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: The draw was smooth and fairly easy, producing a lot of flavorful smoke. There was full flavor from the start with some earthiness and spiciness in the nose and even a bit of sweetness remained on the palate.   2nd quarter: Creamy texture developed along with more spice. The aroma was very flavorful and its earthy character continued to build, eventually evening out into a medium-body.   3rd quarter: In this portion, a big earthy and cedar flavor profile returned the cigar to nearly a full-body. The draw remained effortless and allowed a lot of smoke to come through. Sweet tones appeared with a richer aroma in the air and a smooth creaminess in the texture began to bloom.   4th quarter: Flavors intensified, delivering a rich aroma with lots of full flavors, including cocoa, cedar and spice.


Final Thoughts:

The AVO Uvezian Maduro has great construction with a character that never lets up. There were plenty of medium to full body flavors, along with some complexity and multiple flavors to please the palate.


 Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: Smo King’s Fine Cigars and Tobacco Los Angeles, CA.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 25 minutes.

Cost: $ 12.00

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Dominican.

Filler: Dominican.

Size: 5’ x 50

Rating: 89

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