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News: Salomones de Partagás.

 Salomones de Partagás

Exclusively targeted at Casas del Habano worldwide, revealing a band Partag?s extremely appreciated by smokers Habanos: The Salomon. The band recreates the style of tobacco that existed in the nineteenth century when Habanos pointed at both ends became fashionable.
The dual-listed because of the complexity in their development, are at the peak of the art of torcedores. If only for that reason, deserve to be present in the selection of any amateur who is this price.
Made with the best leaves of Vuelta Abajo region and subjected to a rigorous selection, the Solomon Partag?s highlighted for its excellent flavor and aroma, with an evolution and complexity in their smoking to the Habanos lovers will enjoy.
Presented in boxes of 10 units and the traditional strong flavor of the brand, provide a valuable option for the true fans who will find Habano along its 184 mm long and 57 stocks, an attractive format that pleases the most demanding palates.


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