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Casa del Habano in Miramar, Havana

Casa del Habano



The Experience

La Casa del Habano creates the most exquisite tastes for all cigar lovers. The cigar lover is immediately encompassed by the excellent service that he deserves.

Here one can not only find an assorted array of cigars, but also internationally recognized brand name accessories and important publications in the tobacco world.

Interested in learning more about the world of cigars? La Casa Del Habano offers detailed information on the technical conditions, history, social, and cultural environment of cigars.

Learning in depth about cigars will make your enjoyment more pleasurable. Additionally, it also offers meeting spaces and themed social activities.

The Store

Inside The Casa del Habano is a space for immediate communication with the consumer and a very important area for the occassional client.

Here you are able to obtain cigars by the unit or in a chest. This is the ideal space where the cigars, typically referred to by other companies as minis, are sold.

The Walk Humidor

The most important space inside La Casa del Habano is an area used by preferred and regular clients as well as potential clients.

In the Walk in Humidor the entire selection of cigars on the market are exhibited using the most rigorous implementations of humidity and temperature to guarantee the highest quality cigar in its most optimal conditions of conservation.

The Locked Humidor

This is the ¨vault¨ of La Casa del Habano. A space especially reserved for the regular client wishing to store his purchased cigars in a locked security box. This service provides the highest quality of appropriate conditions and personnel responsible for the care of each cigar.

The Tasting Room

This pleasurable area is offered to the client as a meeting place for casual conversation among friends or as an area for business negotiations.

Here the client can indulge in his cigar in a private and relaxing environment.

As you can see La Casa del Habano has a lot to offer. It gives new meaning to the “cigar experience” for the cigar connoisseur and the newly found cigar enthusiast alike.









Casa del Habano, CD, La Habana

5ta y 16 lcdh (Havana)

Air Conditioning:  No

Alcohol Beverages: Yes

Cigar Prices: $$

Environment: Indoor

Membership Required: No

Separate Restrooms: Yes

Wi-Fi: No

Recommended: Yes



Range = $ to $$$

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