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Eiroa Cigar Review by CLE Cigar Company “Perfection is the only goal”


Brand History:

It was in 1995 when Christian went to Honduras to learn about tobacco and cigars. His training put him on the fast track to learn as much about tobacco as possible. This was as the cigar boom of the 1990’s was gaining steam so the learning curve had to be accelerated. He began to understand the business because it was what he had grown up doing, without knowing it.

At the end of the cigar boom in 1997, the board decided to send Christian back to Miami to learn how to sell cigars under his lifetime friend and mentor, the late Sal Fontana. It was in 2000 when Christian made his mark with the launching of the Camacho Corojo. Although the cigar was extraordinary, it was the marketing behind it that made the difference. He began to host all of his customers down in Honduras where the entire process was explained week after week for seven years.

When the company was purchased in 2008, Christian remained for the duration of the transition until 2011 when he decided to venture on his own. In July, 2012 he launched the CLE Cigar Company which was different than anything that had been done in the past. This was consistent with his mentality of breaking away from the norm and always asking only one question: “Why not?”

From the renowned Christian Eiroa’s Tabacaleras Unidas factory comes the Eiroa brand, an eponymous handmade premium cigar that’s expertly crafted with a consistent yet complex blend of hearty all-Honduran long-filler leaf.  Each carefully crafted cigar pays tribute to the Eiroa family.


This Honduran wrapper has a roasted almond color that has a rustic look to it.  It’s seamless and silky smoothness had a distinct bold pre-light smell.  The cigar had a nice firmness feel and had a sweet hay-like smell with a slight toothiness and bold pre-light smell.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: Plenty of big tobacco notes with in the first 30 minutes.  Spicy tones and flavors right from the start which settle down and allowed a creamy texture to the palate.  2nd quarter: Slow and even burn continued with lots of thick and creamy smoke to the palate.  Spices ever so present through the nose.  3rd quarter: Good earthy aromas with good flavors that stayed consistent through-out.   Little build in some spices through the nose with more creamy texture.  Very nice flavor and body that’s well balanced with hints of some pepper.  4th quarter: Some increase in spice through the nose.  Consistent smooth draw and even burn continued to produce a solid gray ash.  Rich tobacco notes to the palate.  Very flavorful and clean with some creaminess and lingering spices on the palate.


Final Thoughts:

A slow burning cigar with great overall construction.  A very well made flavorful cigar with a nice luring aroma.  Cocoa like notes with unique rich earthy tones.  An easygoing cigar that has plenty to offer in the flavor department.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: Man Cave.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Cost: $11.00

Wrapper: Honduran.

Binder: Honduran.

Filler: Honduran.

Size: 5 x 50.

Rating: 89

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