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Epicurean Carnavale Lancero Cigar by Steven Ysidron “Super Rich and Bold”


Brand History:

Epicurean Cigars was created under the careful eye of Steven Ysidron with its focus on handcrafted small batch salon cigars.  Steven started making cigars in the late 1980’s with his father and the Fuente family in the Dominican Republic.

 His passion for the long forgotten art of making hand-rolled cigars stems from four generations of his Cuban cigar making heritage that has been reborn in the Epicurean brand.

In 1999, Steven and his family started producing cigars in Nicaragua.  The richness and bold aromas that are characteristic to Nicaraguan tobacco became Steven’s preferred filler for creating top quality sticks today.

Steven knows what it takes to create a premium cigar and proudly offers 3 distinct boutique blends culminating his 24 years of industry experience: “AG” Armando Guiterrez Vintage 2007, named after his Cuban grandfather who inspired the brand, Gonzo Vintage 2007 and AG Azul 2008 Vintage.  Only 700 boxes are produced per size per vintage.

All tobaccos have been aged for 4 years after rolled to blend and marinate to perfection. Whether Epicurean cigars are already on your list of favorites or you are looking to add to, these unique blends crafted with Cuban tradition will always leave a lasting impression.


Nice hearty brown wrapper that is silky to the touch. A very nice earthiness and light chocolate smell on the pre-light.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: Very smooth with some nice creaminess on the palate and a little spice in the air and nose. An effortless draw allowed plenty of smoke through to the palate.   2nd quarter: Incredible even and slow burn with a gray ash. Good notes of nuts and spice texture. Full spice with some sweetness that marinated the palate. Unique flavor but yet not dominating. An even burn that held onto a long light gray ash.   3rd quarter: Nice complexity leading well into the 3rd of the Carnavale. Flavors continued to develop and plateaued beautifully.  4th quarter: Getting full spice and a slight sweetness in the nose. Still plenty of big clouds of smoke. Medium body and flavor with a well-rounded texture on the palate. Very hearty aroma and consistent flavors throughout the cigar.


Final Thoughts:

A medium body overall that had a great flavorful finish. A flawless construction and exception even burn to the finish. An extremely well made, complex, rich and refined cigar with great quality. Gradual build in body and flavorful finish.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: The Man Cave.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Cost: Sample.

Wrapper: Colorado Habano Oscuro.

Binder: American broadleaf and Honduran.

Filler: Nicaragua.

Size: 61/2 x 38 (Boxed Pressed).

Rating: 90.

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