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J.Feugo Gran Reserva Corojo No.1 Lancero Cigar “A leaf growing company”


Brand History:

The Fuego family has been in the business of growing, blending, and rolling cigars for five generations (since 1876 when J. Fuego was founded as a leaf growing company) in “El Corojo” farm, Cuba. It was in 1995 when the family migrated to Central America. In 2006, after years growing, blending and making cigars for other companies, Jesus Fuego launched “Tabacos S.A.” with the release of the “J. Fuego” brand with his Natural and Gran Reserva lines. It was a celebration of 130 years of his family in the cigar industry.

Since then, Tabacos S.A. has introduced the J. Fuego Delirium, the 777 brand with Maduro, Corojo and Zero lines. The Origen brand was also introduced in 2010 with great response from consumers. There is also the Americana, Connoisseur, Heat, Edicion de Famila and Sangre de Toro (just name a few). J. Fuego Cigars offer a wide variety of flavors and prices in their cigar selection, made with tobaccos grown exclusively for Tabacos S.A


The Gran Reserva is covered with an incredibly oily dark brown wrapper that has some noticeable tooth. There’s a great pre-light smell that’s rich and inviting. Evenly colored wrapper that’s silky to the touch.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: The draw was smooth with a slight resistance. Plenty of cedar notes once lit and through the nose. There’s a creamy texture being introduced with great aroma on the palate and in the surrounding air.   2nd quarter: There was an intriguing flavor once into the 2nd. Some small amount to sweetness with little floral and woody notes.   3rd quarter: The smoke had a clean tobacco character with a cocoa texture. Some spice with an excellent burn with a long light gray ash that held on with great construction.   4th quarter: The cigar developed some sweetness along with great cedar, earthy notes with good consistent. The flavor was balanced on the palate with a big earthy aroma.


Final Thoughts:

Very well made with a great burn and construction. Rich balanced with good aroma and flavors luring you for more wishing the cigar were not over. Overall a rich and full cigar that’s easy going that’s an honor to enjoy.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: The Man Cave

Time Smoked: 1 hour 45 minutes.

Cost: $11.00

Wrapper: Honduran.

Binder: Costa Rican Corojo

Filler: Nicaragua, Honduran and Undisclosed tobacco.

Binder: Costa Rican Corojo

Size: 7 ½” x 38.

Rating: 90



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