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My Father Classic Cigar No.4 Lancero Review “A very humble beginning”


Brand History:

It all began from a very humble beginning when Jose Pepin Garcia and his family established a very small cigar factory in Little Havana in 2003. Jose Pepin Garcia could not have imagined at that moment that his love and passion for cigars would help him to build one of the most recognized companies in the cigar industry. His companies have become synonymous with highly rated and well-distinguished brands.

It all starts in 1950 when Jose Pepin Garcia is born in Cuba. Just a few years later, barely 11 years old he sits for the first time at a rolling table to roll his first cigar. Inspired by the spirit and tradition of a family who grew alongside with tobacco leaves is where Jose Pepin Garcia was born and developed.

“It is about a lifelong passion! It is not just about a cigar, it is a dream – the Garcia’s dream!” Says, Jose Pepin Garcia.

On August 29, 2009 one of the most memorable moments in the Garcia’s life was the opening of My Father Cigars in Nicaragua, also known as the Garcia Family Industrial Park. A seven-acre complex with an installed production process, which enables the tobacco to be harvested, packaged and shipped to our retailers.

Don Pepin Garcia who was recognized as “America’s Hottest Cigar Maker” by Cigar Aficionado in 2008 and his son Jaime Garcia have developed countless blends for My Father Cigars and for several of the most prestigious companies in the market. Janny Garcia, Pepin’s daughter is in charge of the My Father Cigars headquarters. With great team leadership comes a great team accomplishment, the largest international recognition was granted by the cigar industry.

The Garcia Family continues to follow the tradition they lived and learned in Cuba and proudly own two factories, the headquarters in Doral, which is a boutique factory with a team of twelve expert cigar rollers trained by Don Pepin himself. The other is the Garcia Family Industrial Park in Estelí, Nicaragua with more than three hundred cigar rollers. Both factories are responsible for the twelve company owned brands that exist in the marketplace today.

The Garcia Family blends are uncompromisingly robust and aromatic, recognized for their distinct combination of strength, richness and spicy aroma along with a heavy finish. The construction is a very meticulous handcrafted cigar with a beautiful wrapper and a traditional triple-cap finish.

Pepin’s traditions, heart and soul go into every cigar we make. The strict execution of time-tested Cuban cigar making methods ensure that every cigar we make provides the best possible smoking experience.


This cigar has a gorgeous, oily looking wrapper.  A perfectly wrapper with some noticeable tooth.  Plenty of cedar and earthiness aromas on the pre-light.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: Smooth effortless draw giving dense clouds of smoke.  Full flavored smoke through to the palate.  2nd quarter: Producing a lot of luring and rich aroma in the air.  Very good earthy notes with some spice undertones with great balance.  3rd quarter: Complex characters that continued maturing in flavor with great body.   Simple cedar notes with a silky texture.  4th quarter: Plenty of interesting full flavored that will leave a long lasting impact.  Bold intriguing profile throughout


Final Thoughts:

Outstanding construction with a remarkably even burn.  Very well balanced and complex with very smooth undertones.  Delicious flavor and aroma that grow all of the profile.  Overall and great cigar that’s well made.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: The Man Cave

Time Smoked: 1 hour 35 minutes.

Cost: $13.00

Wrapper: Habano-Rosado

Binder: Nicaragua.

Filler: Nicaragua.

Size: 7 1/2” x 38.

Rating: 91.

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