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News: Linse Lighters “Retractable, pivoting nozzle”


For the most part, pocket lighters are very convenient and efficient.  However, their flaw lies in the fact that when turned upside down and even sometimes sideways, pocket lighters become dangerous and cause many to burn their fingers.  With its retractable and pivoting nozzle, the Linse Lighter sets out to solve this problem.  When using a Linse Lighter, consumers profoundly minimize the risk of burning themselves through the everyday uses of a light.


Company Information

Linse Lighter is owned and operated by Linse Lighters, Inc. Linse was offically founded in Los Angeles by cousins Ardie Kamran and Daniel Rahbar in April 2014.  They are currently headquartered in West Los Angeles.  As of now, we have one product, the Linse Lighter.  Our goal is to make the use of pocket lighters substantially more safe across America.  We envision our product becoming the standard lighter for pipe use, bong/Water pipe use, and candle lighting.

Product Information

The Linse Lighter allows users to move the base of the flame away from their thumbs via our retractable, pivoting nozzle that can be accessed by pushing up the white pegs on the lighter’s sides.  Once the nozzle is retracted, users can pivot it from its upright position 0 – 45 degree, and then all the way down to 90 degree.

Linse Lighters are most identifiable by their unmistakable with the reporting Linse logo on each white stripe.


In Retail stores, customers can pick up our product in its display case.


Also will display in a every retail shop that carries Linse Lighters.  Customers can search for the nearest retail shop that carries our product through our store locator on



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