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News: IPCPR 2015 Dunhill Signed Range Seleccion Suprema.

Dunhill Cigars celebrates the 80th anniversary.

IPCPR 2015

Dunhill Cigars celebrates the 80th anniversary of its acclaimed Don Candido line with Dunhill Signed Range Selección Suprema, the brand’s most exclusive launch to date.

Steven Kron, regional account manager of Dunhill Cigars said, “Don Candido was the first cigar ever manufactured solely for Dunhill, thus beginning the brand’s legacy of exclusivity. It is with great pride that we debut Selección Suprema, a cigar that honors Dunhill Cigars’ commitment to bringing the very finest handmade cigars to connoisseurs throughout the world.”

This landmark cigar combines a Nicaraguan Jalapa shade wrapper with three exceptional fillers: full-bodied Nicaraguan Esteli and Jalapa, and rare Brazilian Matafina, and a hearty Connecticut Broadleaf binder. To achieve Seleccion Suprema’s incredible character, the artisans of Dunhill Cigars select only the finest leaves for intensive fermentation and aging.

After being hand-rolled by master torcedors, the cigars emerge, flawlessly crafted, and uniquely Dunhill. Spicy-sweet, full-flavored and well balanced, Dunhill Signed Range Seleccion Suprema is indeed a cigar for the true aficionado, as an extremely limited number of boxes have been created for global distribution.

The exquisite blend will be released in just one size, a 6×50 Toro that was developed to maximize the flavor of the tobaccos. The cigars are showcased in elegant, matte finish black boxes, each protecting eight cigars. Premiering in October, Dunhill Signed Range Selección Suprema will sell for $20.00 per cigar, or $160 per box, until the limited U.S. allotment is depleted.



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