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News: Felipe Gregorio Cigars Celebrating 25th Anniversary.

Felipe Gregorio Cigars.




Felipe Gregorio Classic

Felipe Gregorio Classic delivers a smoke that is chewy and earthy, very rich with a leathery note and hints of dried fruits. A big delicious finish.

Box of 25

 Suntuoso              7×50         $10.00 SRP

Mystic Knight        6.5 x 55    $10.00 SRP

Belicoso                6.25 x 52  $10.00 SRP

Sereno                  5.75 x 42  $7.00   SRP

Robusto                5 x 50       $7.00   SRP

Fat Boy                 3.5 x 55    $5.00   SRP


In 1995 we came out with a single batch limited cigar called Fusion (Fifty Best Cigar of the World). All the tobaccos for this cigar were aged over 3 years together in cedar trunks, “Fusing” the blend. 15 years later we are bringing out the same cigar. Over the years we have had a lot of demand for this cigar, but did not have the right tobaccos until 4 years ago. Finally a reality, Refusion.

Full bodied, full of complexities an engaging one of a kind smoke

Blend: House Secret

Box of 20

 F1     6 x 47              $14.00 SRP

F2     6 x 58              $15.00 SRP

F3     5 x 50              $12.00 SRP

F4     6.25 x 52         $14.00 SRP

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