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IPCPR 2015 Crux Premium Sticks “We invite you to join us on our journey”

Crux Premium Sticks


Why simply dream of a better life, full of travel and adventure, when you can begin by enjoying a Crux Passport? Sure, not everyday can be a cafe in Paris, or wrestling a warthog in Madagascar, but why not take a one hour vacation from a busy day of work? After all, we’re guessing you’ve earned it.


BLEND  |  wrapper: Ecuador  |  binder: Nicaragua  |  filler: Nicaragua

PROFILE 4 x 42  4.875 x 47 Marblehead  5.5 x 44  6 x 48 Marblehead  7 x 40

The Passport is the result of carefully selected Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that is resorted and classified for color, oil content, texture and combustion. Nothing is left to chance. Add the floral notes to the retrohale and we humbly believe it’s something special. It is another cigar that is designed to satisfy the under served markets of vitola and price in an otherwise crowded humidor.

Bull & Bear

After a day of massive success, crushing your competition, and total world domination, it’s time to relax in your favorite leather club chair and light up a Crux Bull & Bear. Enjoy the bold flavor, and larger ring gauge that perfectly fits your paws, and reflect on being the smartest person in the room. Take a bullish stand.


BLEND  wrapper: Habano Jalapa  binder: Nicaragua  filler: Nicaragua

PROFILE  5.5 x 55  6 x 60 Marblehead

The Bull & Bear is the go-to stick to celebrate life’s success stories. Designed for the cigar enthusiast who lives life to the fullest. The fuller blend of Nicaraguan and Habano Jalapa premium tobaccos create a superior smoking experience with billows of smoke. Its larger ring gauge is sure to command attention.


Life can be hectic, and you deserve some time to enjoy it. Treat yourself like royalty with the smooth pleasure of a Crux Classic. Harken back to the days of stickball, soda in glass bottles and playing with found mercury. Who said there isn’t enough time in the day to relax?  MAKE THE DAMN TIME.


BLEND  wrapper: Habano Jalapa  binder: Nicaragua  filler: Nicaragua

PROFILE  6.75 x 47 Marblehead  5 x 50  6 x 52 Marblehead

From novice to aficionado, the Classic is a very approachable blend. Built for the everyday smoker, it has enough body and flavor to satisfy without the strength to make one’s head spin. The all Nicaraguan binder and filler combines with the Habano Jalapa wrapper for one excellent smoke. This stick begs to be a part of special occasions or when simply enjoying a BBQ with friends.


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