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News: New Montecristo Half Crown.

New Montecristo Half Crown

  • New band of heavy caliber and reduced length which is incorporated into the regular portfolio of the Montecristo brand.
  • Given its size, this Habano complements other trend formats, offering all the flavor and character of Montecristo in a short time smoked.


Habanos SA presents the new Montecristo Half Crown (girth 44 x 90 mm ​​long), a new band that includes the regular brand portfolio in its Classic Line, which is launched in a presentation box Semi Boite Nature 25 Habanos .

Montecristo Media Corona, which will begin reaching retail outlets worldwide in the coming days, provides the smoker all the flavor of Montecristo, with its traditional strength in medium to strong, matched to a reduced time smoked.


This band is an Habano intense flavor, with woody, dry and sweet notes, smoked nice and creamy and full mouthfeel.

Corona Montecristo Media presents the traditional strength of the Classic Line of Montecristo, and an excellent shot with a trap 44, powered by its short length. His coat naturally Carmelite touches of red, gives a beautiful presence.

All of the Montecristo cigars are made ​​totally by hand with Tripa Larga selected leaves from the Vuelta Abajo * – the best tobacco region of the world – in the region of Pinar del Rio *, Cuba.


Montecristo Media Corona incorporates the new ring of the brand, while being innovative in its technical printing elements, it maintains the historic style of the brand.

Brand: Monte Cristo

Vitola Out: Half-crown

Vitola De Galera: Stocks 44 (17,46mm) x 90 mm long

Presentation: Semi Boite Nature box (SBN) 25 units

* (PDO) Protected Designation of Origin.




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