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Artigas y Carloni Gold Maduro Cigar review “the pearl of the Mexican Caribbean”

Brand History:

Guido Carloni Artigas cigars are made in the Artigas y Carloni Gold cigar factory in Cancun, “the pearl of the Mexican Caribbean.”  Carloni Gold is the export arm of the company.

A relatively new cigar company, they built on the experience of having distributed a variety of national and imported tobacco products.  Over time this experience allowed them to enter into the tobacco industry and acquire their own brand.

The tobacco used is selected by expert hands, and is cured, fermented, moisturized, classified, aged, and prepared by rolling master hands.  Limited production and careful selection allows for delivery of premium quality products that are distinguishable from the others.  Their vitolas are comprehensive and diverse, offering various tobacco tastes and aromas that will please even the most demanding palates.


The wrapper is a hearty dark color that is slightly rough in appearance but silky to the touch.  A very rich, sweet yet earthy pre-light smell.

Journey Profile:

1st quarter: A very smooth draw allowed a lot of thick and creamy smoke to the palate.  Lots of tobacco notes at start with a smooth and slow building body.  2nd quarter: Creamy smoke with some toasty texture continued to develop.  Sweetness and mild cedar character on the palate and through to the nose.  Full rich flavored smoke throughout.  3rd quarter: Mostly even burn that didn’t require any maintenance and held on to a long ash.  Big flavor and aroma that had slightly sweet and consistent taste with heavy earth tones.  4th quarter: There was plenty of cedar and earthy notes that dominated that palate.  Mild body slowly built to a great medium body with a great balance in characters.  Dense smoke with heavy earthy notes and some noticeable sweetness.


Final Thoughts:

Very good construction with full flavor and medium-body that had a very long finish.  An excellent burn provided an effortless smoking experience.  There were lots of consistent and full flavors.  Very well made cigar.



Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: The Man Cave.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 10 minutes

Cost: Sample

Wrapper: San Andres Valley Maduro

Binder: Mexico

Filler: Mexico

Size: 6” x 50”

Rating: 89




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