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Jim Robinson’s LEAF Corojo by Oscar Valladares Cigar “Cigar of the month August 2015”

Jim Robinson’s LEAF Corojo by Oscar Valladares Cigar Review


Brand History:

Jim Robinson’s LEAF cigar series was created specifically for the Pittsburgh, PA based Leaf & Bean retail shops he owns.  Robinson partnered with three boutique cigar makers — Esteban Disla of the Nica Sueño factory, Noel Rojas from Guayacan Cigars, and Oscar Valladares – to create the series.  The LEAF by Oscar series represents cigars made in Honduras by Valladares.  There are four blends in the LEAF by Oscar series:   Maduro, Connecticut, Corojo and Sumatra.


Upon first glance, you may wonder what they were thinking with the aesthetically unappealing wrapper — but that’s just the wrapper’s wrapper.  The true work of art lies buried within.   Opening the outer wrapper reveals the true jewel and a sweet pre-light scent.  The wrapper is slightly rough, with a beautiful and rich oily-sheen.

Journey Profile:

 1st quarter: Upon lighting the cigar, a rich earthy aroma quickly filled the air.  This cigar is easy, with a loose draw that delivered cocoa and more earthy tones.  The taste is very smooth with a creamy texture on the palate and some spice.  2nd quarter: Great earthy and oak tones with a lot of rich tobacco notes.  Thick and creamy smoke was easily  drawn to the palate.  The taste remained creamy and left hints of spice at the finish.   A slight toasty texture developed into the flavor profile, continuing with more cream.  3rd quarter: A mild, earthy and cocoa aroma, and spicy with sweet flavor notes.  Spices were consistently detected through the nose.  The flavors and aroma continued to richly develop.  The cigar held onto a nearly white, flaky ash.  4th quarter:  A very nice draw provided big, earthy flavors with sweet notes that remained true throughout.  The dominating creamy texture toned down, and generous amounts of smoke continued to be delivered to the palate.   

Final Thoughts:

The LEAF by Oscar had a very rich and creamy character overall, and outstanding construction.  Lots of earthy tobacco notes, with great spice and fantastic sweet characteristics continued to evolve.  Very smooth texture and effortless to smoke rich yet mild flavors.  Extremely well-made and a nice balance.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at:  The Man Cave

Time Smoked:  1 hour 50 minutes

Cost:  $11.00

Wrapper:  Nicaraguan Maduro

Binder:  Honduran

Filler:  Honduran

Size:  6” x 50”

Rating:  90

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