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Rocky Patel cigars 2nd Annual Premier Cigar Yacht Cruise “Marina Del Rey, CA”

Rocky Patel Cigars 2nd Annual Premier Cigar Yacht Cruise “Marina Del Rey, CA”

 The Rocky Patel Cigar 2nd Annual Premier Cigar Yacht Cruise catered to cigar lovers of all types.  The upscale, five hour event was professionally planned by Sevilla Local Media and featured Rocky Patel himself.

The evening included some great live music by Bass Culture, Dave Weaver, and DJ George Farjeat, along with gourmet Mediterranean food, wine and spirits.  To add even more fun to the event, there were plenty of raffles, dancing and complimentary Flor De Cana Rum and Back Yard Mary “Bloody Marys”.

Experienced cigar smokers were looking for even more during this year’s cruise and they were not disappointed, with the event truly topping expectations.  With plenty of opportunities to be up close and personal with Rocky Patel himself, the event also featured cigar friends from Cigar & Spirits magazine, Alec Bradley cigars and Wilson Adams  – a true connoisseur event.

The calm waters, fantastic music and great aroma of Rocky Patel cigars made the evening a truly wonderful experience that all Smokin’ Joe’s should come and enjoy.

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