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“Unmistakable sweet tone” Imperia Cigars by Mike Bellody cigar Review.

Brand History:

Michael Bellody served as the co-owner and President of El Tiante cigars, which were made from a blend coming from Jose “Pepin” Garcia and Jaime Garcia and inspired by legendary baseball player Luis Tiant.  El Tiante cigars up held their Cuban heritage through Luis Tiant’s influence and experience growing up in Marianao, Havana, Cuba.  In 2015, Mr. Bellody and MLB Cigar Ventures released a cigar called Imperia.  It started as a regional release but plans were quickly formed for its worldwide distribution.  Imperia is blended by the Quesada factory and comes in 4 sizes: Pita 5 ½” x 44, Robusto 5” x 52, Toro 6” x 50 and Gordo 6” x 60.


This cigar had a gorgeous dark brown and rich looking wrapper.  Its pre-light aroma has an unmistakable sweet tone.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: Once lit, the Imperia produced a lot of thick and flavorful smoke in the air.  The draw was very smooth and offered a rich, creamy texture with some sweet notes.  Lots of bold flavors produced a fairly full aroma right away.  2nd quarter: Some interesting full flavors along with a light spice developed through the nose and lingered on the palate.  3rd quarter: Creamy mild smoke hit the palate and stayed consistent as the cigar held on to a loose gray ash.  Good earthy flavors also remained in the profile with some of the character falling back to a light-medium strength.  4th quarter: There was some underlying sweetness on both the finish and the aroma.  While there was some bitterness on the palate, the dominating flavors were a sweet-textured light tobacco and a peppery spice on the finish.


Final Thoughts:

The Imperia offered an underlying sweet texture that seemed to be ever present with pepperiness on the palate.  It is an overall medium body but with a full flavor, smooth draw and an even burn.  It is truly an easy going and pleasant cigar to enjoy.



Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: Lavender Blue Lounge Inglewood, CA.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 25 minutes.

Cost: Sample

Wrapper: HVA Wrapper.

Binder: Dominican.

Filler: Dominican and Nicaragua.

Size: 5” x 52.

Rating: 88






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