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“Vanilla sweetness” Royal Danish Havana Blend Limited Edition Cigar Review.

Brand History

Smoke Like a King!  Danish cigar maker, Jan Von Vistisen is behind Royal Danish Cigars.  They offer a 200-year anniversary collection, 4 unique blends made according to Old Danish traditions.  They also offer The King of Denmark secret blend, the double ligero Regal Blend Danish West Indies, the single estate Single Blend Vintage Edition 200 Year Anniversary and our milder Havana Blend.

Regal Blend Danish West Indies is based on the original classic Danish aristocratic formula from the time when the Danish West Indies were part of the Kingdom of Denmark and the King’s ships brought back tobacco from Caribbean to the Royalty.  Less than 250 years of Danish rule tobacco was grown, cured and rolled for the pleasure of the Danish aristocracy and is now being made available for cigar aficionados around the world.  This very rare premium tobacco limits master rollers to a maximum of 8,500 cigars per month.

Royal Danish Cigars is the World’s #1 personalized cigar.  They offer free personalization on the silk ribbon of the King of Denmark and the Regal Blend boxes.  All Regal Blend cigars are numbered and signed by the master roller before they are carefully dressed-up, and the Swarovski crystal is mounted in the king’s crown on the cigar ring and each beautiful white box with their unique red protection foam inside.  The Single blend Vintage Edition comes in black recycled Scandinavian eco-paper tubes, as they see no reason to cut down a beautiful old tree to make a cigar box.  Smoke less, but smoke the best, and protect mother earth is the simple philosophy behind Royal Danish Cigars.


This cigar has an evenly colored, rich brown wrapper that was silky to the touch.  An abundant vanilla sweetness, cedar and soft notes were also present.  There was some noticeable oil and a subtle sweet earthy tone on the foot with an incredible taste on the pre-light draw.


 Journey Profile:

1st quarter: The draw matches its exceptional appearance.  A very nice roast texture was quickly introduced along with some milder sweetness and hints of nuttiness.  Full flavors of sweet earthiness and light spice came through the nose and onto the palate.  The cigar produced thick clouds of smoke that filled the air.  2nd quarter: Big earthy tones with hints of cocoa and spicy notes were present.  There were also wood notes that had an underlying sweetness.  Its flavor tasted of cedar-hay and left creaminess on the palate.  3rd quarter: A light cocoa was present along with spice through the nose and on the palate.  There was a nutty quality to the flavor and also some earthy cedar notes.  A light-bodied and creamy smoke offered a toast-like texture with sweet tones.  4th quarter: There are some sweet notes in the aroma with a lot of spicy earth characteristics and rich tobacco notes.  There was a creamy texture on the palate with a slight spiciness through the nose and the flavor remained consistent through the end of the cigar.


Final Thoughts:

The Royal Danish Havana Blend Limited Edition cigar offers plenty of flavors with a bold character and a medium body.  It is overall a straightforward cigar that offers plenty of earthiness and spicy notes.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: The Man Cave.

Time Smoked: 2 hour 00 minutes.

Cost: $11.00

Wrapper: Nicaragua.

Binder: Nicaragua.

Filler: Nicaragua.

Size: 6’ x 60.

Rating: 90

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