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News: Meet Gurkha Cigars newest Warrior Carolee Martin!

Meet Gurkha Cigars newest Warrior Carolee Martin!


Territory: AZ,NM,NV and TX
Favorite Cigar: Classic Havana Blend XO
Favorite Pairing: Colonel Taylor Bourbon
First time I smoked a cigar: 1994
Favorite Cigar Memory: deployment in Afghanistan with my team
Favorite Sports Team: NC Panthers
Best Accomplishment So Far: n/a its all awesome
Biggest Pet Peeve: Personal Questions
Radio: Not A Fan of the Radio
Best Place I’ve Traveled: South Africa
Mantra: “I don’t know if you know this… But I am kind of a big deal”  (Ron Burgundy-Anchor man)

**For the shops in Arizona Shervin Fazeliaref will still handle Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa.

**For the shops in Texas Will Jackson will still handle Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. All other city’s will be taken care of by Carolee Martin

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