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News: MoyaRuiz “IL RIDOTTO” Press Release.

MoyaRuiz Cigar IL Ridotto!

MoyaRuiz Cigars Inc., creators of popular boutique brands such as La Jugada and The Rake, is pleased to announce their latest blend – IL RIDOTTO.  Continuing in the vein of their prior game-themed releases, including poker and dominos, MoyaRuiz reaches further into history for IL RIDOTTO.

Translating to “The Private Room”, IL RIDOTTO was known as the first public legal casino, after failed attempts to bar citizen from gambling in the streets of Venice, the decision was made to open IL RIDOTTO in 1638.  Taking up residence in the west wing of Venice’s San Moise Palace, a church, no less.

“Since both of our prior releases have to do with games, playing dominos and poker, we wanted to go back to the roots of gambling.  That’s where the inspiration came from, to really tell the story of gambling, which Americans love so passionately.” said Danny Moya, co-proprietor of MoyaRuiz Cigars.

The IL RIDOTTO packing showcases the required attire for casino guests, including Tricone hat and Bauta masks which were intended to cultivate a more noble environment and consume one’s identity. MoyaRuiz will debut the cigars in two sizes: Biribi and Basetta, two games played at IL RIDOTTO.

Once again teaming with the La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, MoyaRuiz showcases a Nicaraguan blend, wrapped in a premium Brazilian-grown Habano wrapper.  IL RIDOTTO offers a luxurious and complex profile, while retaining a very attractive price point.

Il Ridotto - Boxes (1)

Wrapper: Habano (Brazil)

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Packaging: 20-count boxes

Vitolas: Biribi (5 x 52) / Basette (6 x 52)

Price: $8.00 & $8.20

IL RIDOTTO began shipping to select retailers this week, with a full rollout following the

2016 IPCPR show.


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