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“Elegantly modern” Rum Tasting and Cigar Pairing featuring Falto “Arawaco” Cigars.


Rum Tasting and Cigar Pairing


This event was hosted at Caña Rum Bar in Los Angeles, CA.  The evening began with Faltos Arawaco Cigar from Tabacalera Falto, Inc. and was paired with Chairman’s Reserve Rum from St. Lucia.

It is all about gracefulness at Caña Rum Bar, the most elegantly modern rum bar in the city.   Its Cuban inspired courtyard mixes the old with the new, offering stone fireplaces and open ceilings along with boutique rums and crafted island mixers.

An evening of great guests and old world charm came together beautifully.  Special thanks to Erbin, Jeffrey and their entire team as they were a tremendous help, and thank all of you who were able to participate.





 IMG_4307 IMG_4308

IMG_4328 IMG_4323

IMG_4306  IMG_4309


Caña Rum Bar “Ultimate Rum Bar In Los Angeles”

http://Caña Rum Bar “Ultimate Rum Bar In Los Angeles”

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