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News: Cuban cigar roller breaks record and continues to develop the world’s largest snuff!

Cuban cigar roller breaks record and continues to develop the world’s largest snuff.


The world’s most famous cigar maker, the award five times Ginness, Jose Castelar (Cueto) of Cuba, surpassed his world record 81.80 meters achieved in 2011 after eight days of work and follows its twisted.

Monday the rod or bunche (devoid of snuff layer) funky to achieve consistency and shape of megapuro twisting, he approached the 100 meters in length.

Cueto seeking his sixth mark orb snuff Premium type (twisted by hand), decreased in two days time enrrollar used in his earlier mark.

For its current bound or mixture of tobacco leaves light type (gives strength to the flavor of snuff), dry (adds the aroma) and flown (possible combustibility), Cueto needed about 80 kilograms of raw material.

The twister now faces the critical path in your megatabaco, roll up leaves layer in the gut supertabaco.

To achieve a good finish of your Tabacon now selected with special care Cueto layer sheets, for which takes into account its texture and shine,

Subsequently cut leaves with his record-key, with which prepare the final dress snuff.

Once prepared sheet layer photos must go perfectly, so that they are as subject and stretched possible to make smokable his megapuro, explained René Valdes Miller, his main collaborator.

Cueto plans to work the call knob (closed portion covering the tip of snuff) cigar at the beginning of the second half of this week.

It will be on that date it will be measured the total length of what should be his sixth world record of this century.

This record holder tabaquero was recently visited on stage where he performs his feat, old colonial fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, current museum park habanero military, by Anthony Henderson, head of the political section and advertising of the British Embassy in Havana.

The embassy is the only entity authorized in Cuba to certify the veracity of an extraordinary work worthy of Guinness Award.

In late November 2011 to officially give its fifth certificate Guinness, the then ambassador in Havana UK, Dianna Melrose said that “twisted Cueto prestigiaban world to Cuba and its snuff and made possible attract tourists to the island.”

Cueto 71-year-old is assisted in his megatorcedura for nearly a hundred people, who occupy parallel to the table where his Tabacon extends places, over 10 pavilions of the only ancient fortress military habanera, Heritage Humanity.

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