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“Oily sheen” Freyja Valhalla Cigar Review.

Brand History

After over ten years working in the premium cigar industry internationally as well as extensive training, Jose Blanco and his wife Emma Viktorsson decided to create their very first cigar blend.  Freyja is the fruit of that first blend and it includes fantastic aged tobaccos that offer a delectable flavor profile.  The name Freyja is the bridge between Jose’s Swedish roots and the “Cigar-Countries.” Freyja is the main Viking Goddess, Goddess of beauty, love and fertility as well as being the head of the Valkyrie.

All of their cigars are from Tabacalera Palma’s own farms, which are all located in the Dominican Republic and include La Canela, Gurabo, Jacagua, El Potrero.  They grow multiple types of tobacco, such as Piloto Cubano, Criollo ’98, Corojo Habano Vuelta Arriba (aka HVA).  Tabacalera Palma is owned by Jose Blanco’s first cousin Jochi Blanco, and was previously owned by Jochi’s father, Arnaldo Blanco. This factory was founded in 1936 within the Blanco family and remains with them to this day.  Tabacalera Palma’s tobacco all go through very thorough fermentation and aging processes. Jochi believes in the enhanced qualities of well-aged tobaccos, no matter which tobaccos and priming’s, and his highly involved in the entire cigar making process.



There is a marbleized look and oily sheen to the wrapper.  Its aroma was sweet and the cigar has a smooth texture with mild yet rich pre-light smells.  There were also some earthy, hay-like notes and hints of cocoa on the aroma.


 Journey Profile:

1st quarter: Once lit there is a slight peppery beginning along with a sweetish texture and smell in the air.  The first few draws delivered an array of flavors including spices and sweet honey-like notes.  There was a creamy texture to the smoke with even more underlying sweetness.  2nd quarter: The draw was very smooth and produced a slow burn.  A very nice woody aroma developed full of spices and a roasted texture.  A nice white flaky ash started to develop with plenty of dense smoke filling the air.  3rd quarter: A mostly even burn held created a long and white ash.  Fuller flavor smoke with a lot of creamy tones began to come through.  There was a unique flavor with rich hay and earthy notes.  A consistent underlying sweetness with hints of cocoa and some slight oak was also present.  4th quarter: There was good complexity to the smoke with a full aroma.  Flavors of sweet earth with some spice were present in the nose, and some notes similar to coffee were on the palate.  A very nice build in body with a toasty and spicy finish.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Freyja cigar has a full rich character with spices and flavors that developed as the cigar was smoked down.  It is a medium-body with a consistent richness and boldness.  Some sweet tones with great spice came through the nose and it also offers earthiness with some cocoa highlights.  This cigar is well worth holding in the humidor eleven months.  A very well made cigar with good complexity and effortless to enjoy.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: Don Lupe Cigar Lounge Long Beach, CA.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 50 minutes.

Cost: $7.85

Wrapper: Dominican Criollo ‘98.

Binder: Mexican San Andrés.

Filler: Dominican Piloto Cubano, Dominican Criollo ’98 & Nicaragua Estelí.

Size: 5 ½” x 50.

Rating: 89

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