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“Vast range of cigars” La Case de Habanos Gibraltar.

La Case de Habanos Gibraltar.



Welcome Visitor,

“La Casa del Habano” is a franchise chain with over 90 stores worldwide.

Gibraltar as latest inclusion to the chain, ensures with maximum quality control and expert staff to keep up with the our customers high expectations.

We invite you to come and experience the best customer service and view our vast range of cigars.





Stagnetto Family History

Lewis R Stagnetto (1901 – 1974)Lewis Stagnetto (1855 – 1932)Lewis M Stagnetto (1924 – 1976)

Lewis Stagnetto Limited was established in 1870 as a Cigar and Tobacco manufacturer, Importer and Distributor Rolled cigarettes were smoked in Gibraltar years before machine-made cigarettes were produced in England. Using Cuban expertise the original shop of Lewis Stagnetto-Army & Navy Tobacco stores rolled cigars and cigarettes on the premises from 1870. England still followed the pipe-smoking habits introduced by Sir Walter Raleigh, whereas the influence on Gibraltar came from the Caribbean and South America.

The founding father Lewis Stagnetto (1855-1932) and his brother Salvador arrived in Gibraltar from Genoa to join their uncle in the tobacco firm he had founded.


In 1889 Salvador left for South America where today his descendants are still in contact with the family in Gibraltar. When he left for Argentina Lewis then started the family dynasty on The Rock. Lewis Richard Stagnetto, the youngest son of the original Lewis Stagnetto, took over the firm in 1932 on his father’s death and continued heading the business successfully until his own death in 1974. Of the 5 sons Lewis R Stagnetto and Magdalena Caruana bore came the third generation of Stagnetto’s. Lewis M Stagnetto the eldest of the 5 brothers joined the Company on his return from distinguished service during WW2. He together with Albert and Maurice led the transformation of the Company in the mid 1950’s as it diversified into Wines, Spirits and Beer, and which today covers the whole spectrum of trade from Importation and Distribution, to Retail. From those early days right up to the present, the family firm of Lewis Stagnetto Ltd has supplied The Royal and Merchant Navies, the Army and RAF base.

As well as representing the big multinational tobacco companies, when the diversification was taking place it was the hard work of the Lewis, Albert and Maurice and the support from their brothers, Guy who had sought a legal career and Charles from his overseas businesses that led to the family Company acquiring it’s valued international reputation and status and in the process a large share in the local market.

The team work between the 3 brothers operating the business led to the Companies success.

Traditional, courteous and friendly good service has been a hallmark of the Company over the past century. From those early days when cigars and cigarettes were rolled on the premises, the company has developed following its policy of steady growth.

Under the stewardship of Albert the Companies current Chairman and the late Maurice P Stagnetto their sons Albert, Peter and Maurice Jnr the fourth generation have continued to strengthen the LEWIS STAGNETTO brand.



La Casa del Habano
37 Main Street

Tel: +350 50979
Fax: +350 75332

Alcohol Beverages: No

Cigar Prices: $

Environment: Indoor

Membership Required: No

Separate Restrooms: No

Wi-Fi: No

Recommended: Yes

Range = $ to $$$$

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