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News: General Cigar Extends Portfolio to Include Humidor Accessories.

General Cigar Extends Portfolio to Include Humidor Accessories.

General Cigar announces that the company will extend its portfolio of top-selling cigars to include a complete selection of humidor accessories, shipping to retailers in October, via the Humi-Care range of products.

Regis Broersma, president of General Cigar said, “We are always looking for ways to better serve the trade. By offering a full line of humidor accessories, we’re able to provide retailers with the convenience of one-stop shopping. With products priced considerably less than comparable items available on the market, some of which being exclusive and patented, the benefits of Humi-Care are many.”

The range of Humi-Care products to be sold by General Cigar includes the following items.

Cigar Juice – A propylene glycol solution ideal for maintaining optimal humidity levels in jars and pillows, Cigar Juice is available in an 8 oz or 16 oz bottle, for a per-bottle SRP of $6.99 and $8.99, respectively.

4 oz Crystal Jar – The best-selling item in the Humi-Care line, the Crystal Jar is priced less than competitive products and delivers the goods with unmatched humidity.

Black Ice Pie Jar – Another top-seller in the Humi-Care line, this patented product can be split into four pieces to take up minimal space in the humidor, while delivering radiant humidity. The Black Ice Pie Jar is available in a four oz. (SRP is $12.50) and 8 oz. size (SRP is $14.99).

HX10 Crystal Rectangle Humidifier – An unbeatable value with an SRP that’s less than competitive humidifiers, the Humi-Care HX10 Crystal Rectangle Humidifier is a great, cost-effective solution for any humidor.

Portable Humidification Pillows – For fresh from the factory flavor anytime, anywhere, look no further than the Humi-Pack humidification pillow. The Humi-Pack pillows offer unbeatable moisture levels in a portable price-friendly package.

Seasoning Wipes – A unique, turnkey solution for seasoning your humidor, the Humi-Pack seasoning wipes are easy to use and individually packaged for easy sale.

Black Ice Round Digital Hygrometer – At an SRP of $19.99, Humi-Care’s digital hygrometer delivers top-notch readings at a significantly less expensive cost than similar items on the market.

Humi-Care Rectangle Digital Hygrometer – With a large display, the Humi-Care rectangular hygrometer is ideal for easy-to-read, accurate humidity levels, and uses traditional AAA batteries vs. watch batteries for easy long-term maintenance.


About General Cigar

General Cigar Co. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of handcrafted cigars for the premium market. The company is owned by Scandinavian Tobacco Group. Committed to delivering cigars of the finest quality, General Cigar’s skilled artisans produce Macanudo®, Cohiba®,  La Gloria Cubana®, Partagas®, CAO®, Punch®, Hoyo de Monterrey®, Excalibur® and several other leading premium brands in the company’s Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan factories. In addition, the company cultivates proprietary tobacco which is used exclusively in its blends and has a dedicated R&D practice that develops new varieties of tobacco and revitalizes vintage seeds. General Cigar also operates Club Macanudo®, a cigar bar in New York City. In 2010, General Cigar entered into a joint venture agreement with Plasencia Group to expand its leaf growing and processing expertise and increase its access to tobacco.  Based in Richmond, VA, General Cigar sells through tobacconists in the U.S. and exports select products to 62 countries. For more information, visit

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