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The Cigar Traveler hosted by Myron Gooch Sr. “Moya Ruiz Cigars Feat. IL Ridotto at IPCPR 2017”

The Cigar Traveler hosted by Myron Gooch Sr. “Moya Ruiz Cigars Feat.  IL Ridotto at IPCPR 2017”

Translating to “The Private Room”, Il Ridotto is known as the West’s first public, legal casino. After failed attempts to bar citizens from gambling in the streets of Venice, the decision was made to open Il Ridotto in 1638 – taking up residence in a wing of Venice’s San Moisè Palace – a church, no less.

MoyaRuiz Cigars was founded by Danny Moya and Nelson Ruiz, two friends that both share a passion for cigars.  Danny’s love for cigars first started because of his grandfather, who was an avid cigar smoker and tobacco grower from Cuba’s famed Pinar del Rio region.  Even Nelson remembers always having to bring his grandfather a cigar when he would go over to visit.  The two met back in 1998 while working in sales for a major electronic company. After changing career paths, Danny moved back to New Jersey to open his own business while Nelson remained in South Florida to pursue a career in real estate.  They remained in contact and after years of discussing their passion for cigars, they finally made the decision to move forward with creating their own.

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