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The Cigar Traveler hosted by Myron Gooch “Mike Bellody of MLB Cigar Ventures at IPCPR 2017”.

The Cigar Traveler hosted by Myron Gooch Mike Bellody of

MLB Cigar Ventures at IPCPR 2017.

 About MLB Cigar Ventures

Welcome to my cigar company! My passion for cigars began more than twenty years ago, shortly after I graduated college, entered the investment industry, and smoked my first premium, hand-rolled cigar.

It became immediately clear to me that premium hand rolled cigars are very different from other tobacco products and I began to research those differences. Amazingly I learned that premium hand rolled cigars were made today, using the same time-tested techniques developed by the first cigar makers many decades earlier. Those traditions remain entrenched in the manufacturing process still today. In fact, tradition is a major part of the cigar culture, fueling my passion for the cigar lifestyle and culture even further.

Now, I bring this passion to you, through my company, MLB Cigar Ventures. I built MLB with a strong belief that quality is the foundation on which great cigars must be created. As such, my pledge to you is that quality will NEVER be in question when you smoke a cigar made under MLB Cigar Ventures’ umbrella. I decided that in order to create truly amazing premium cigars, I must only collaborate with the best cigar minds in the industry. As a result of this focus, I have been extremely fortunate to develop cigars with the true industry legends,  Jose “Pepin” Garcia, Jamie Garcia, Manuel Quesada, and Ernesto Perez-Carillo.

MLB Cigar ventures will only work with the best minds in the industry when creating new cigars for you. Our cigars will always be “Developed by Legends” from the finest factories in the world.

I invite you to smoke our cigars and experience the intense passion that has gone into each and every blend we have created at MLB Cigar Ventures, and would love to have you offer this same smoking experience to your fine customers. Thank you in advance for taking this journey with me, and my company, MLB Cigar Ventures!

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