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Myron Gooch Sr. hosts The Cigar Traveler (S2. Ep22 Matilde Cigars).

Myron Gooch Sr. hosts The Cigar Traveler (S2. Ep22 Matilde Cigars).

 About Matilde Premium Cigars 

Matilde Premium Cigars
Produced by the Seijas Family in La Romana, Dominican Republic

 Matilde Cigars was born with the merger of the Seijas and Gonzalez family in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Making cigars with the highest quality possible to please the most demanding smokers.
Jose Seijas proud son of Dominican Republic, a family man, a loyal friend and a passionate cigar smoker for over 40 years. I have dedicated my life to making my perfect cigar to share with the world. Together with my sons, Enrique & Ricardo, and our dedicated team we take no shortcuts to deliver to you the sublime Matilde smoking experience.

Matilde is the satisfaction of my life’s dream and it is my great pleasure to share it with you.

– Jose Seijas

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