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No. 4 Best Cigar Pick of 2014 “Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Divino”

2014 pick and still one of top cigars to buy!

The Average Joe's Cigar Media



From their humble beginnings in 1930, in the heart of New York City’s Garment District, Nat Sherman has become one of the most recognized and sought-after brands in the premium tobacco industry. Still family owned and operated, their multi-generational commitment has infused a passion for being a service-centric company, which extends not only to their customers, but also to their business partners and the extended family of Nat Sherman employees.

True to its heritage, the Nat Sherman Flagship store, known as the “Townhouse,” is located on 42nd Street, just off Fifth Avenue, in New York City. It is a legendary oasis that welcomes international clientele seeking a uniquely timeless and memorable experience. And for New Yorkers in-the-know, it is a quintessential local landmark. Nat Sherman has remained an esteemed New York family business for more than 80 years, and their commitment to excellence, quality and service is timeless.


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