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News: Major Launches 2018 “Hoyo De Monterrey: Le Hoyo Rio Seco”

Hoyo De Monterrey: Le Hoyo Rio Seco


Le Hoyo Río Seco is a new heavy ring gauge vitola that is incorporated into the Le Hoyo series.

The Hoyo de Monterrey brand was born in the plantation of the same name in San Juan y Martínez* (P.A.O.), in the heart of the Vuelta Abajo* (P.A.O.) region. The Hoyo de Monterrey plantation, one of the most famous Vegas de Primera, is located there, with the famous inscription on its entrance: “Hoyo de Monterrey, José Gener. 1860”

All the vitolas of the Hoyo de Monterrey Habanos brand are made “Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga” – Totally Handmade with Long Filler – by expert Cuban cigar rollers.

Hoyo de Monterrey is located on the fertile land along the banks of the river that runs through San Juan y Martínez. The Spaniard from Tarragona, José Gener used the name of this Vega for this tobacco brand for the first time in 1865.

Le Hoyo Río Seco (56 x 140 mm length) is a new heavy ring gauge vitola that is added to the Serie Le Hoyo after the incorporation of the Le Hoyo de San Juan vitola, which continues to enrich this historic line and range in heavier ring gauges, which did not have a major presence in the brand until now.

The Seco, Volado and Ligero leaves that make up the smooth flavour blend of Hoyo de Monterrey come exclusively from the San Juan y Martínez* tobacco-growing district (P.A.O.), continuing the strength that was unveiled with the Le Hoyo de San Juan vitola. With this new vitola, the preparation of Habanos blends with the specific characteristics of the different Cuban Appellations of Origin is further deepened. This strength, which contributes consistency and intensity, is typical of this area’s soil.

The Serie Le Hoyo has historically been known for its slender and medium ring gauges. The new Le Hoyo Río Seco vitola is the second heavy ring gauge vitola to be included within the Le Hoyo series; an appealing option for those who like Habanos with less strength that are delicate, aromatic and with a great elegance and complexity.

The format of this Vitola de Galera, Aromosos (56) ring gauge x 140 mm length) promises Le Hoyo Río Seco will be very well-received by Hoyo de Monterrey aficionados, a brand set to become the benchmark for heavy ring gauge and medium length formats for those looking for an elegant flavour that is also robust and balanced at the same time.

The Le Hoyo Río Seco vitola will be available in the brand’s classic Slide Lid Box in 25 and 10 units. These boxes incorporate the brand’s new image with an external adhesive papeleta, a tape that adorns the 25- unit pack in the new white colour to identify the vitola and its new red band at the bottom, which elevates the series’ image.


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About Corporación Habanos, S.A.
Corporación Habanos, S.A. is the world leader in the commercialisation of premium cigars both in Cuba and the rest of the
world. It has a network of exclusive distributors present in five continents and in over 150 countries.
Habanos, S.A. commercialises 27 Premium brands made Totalmente a Mano-Totally by Hand- under the Protected
Denomination of Origin (D.O.P.), including important brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagás, Romeo y Julieta, Hoyo
de Monterrey and H. Upmann, among others. After over 200 years, Habanos continue to be made Totalmente a Mano- Totally
by Hand and have been a benchmark for the entire world ever since.

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